3 Rails Shadowbox (C-line)
New design with 3 ranch rails in
post creates convenience for shipping,
handling and lowers the price.
Aluminum stiffener is an option.,

3 Rails Ranch (C-Line)

New design with 3 ranch rails in
post creates convenience for shipping,
handling and lowers the price.

Full Privacy (C-line)
Aluminum stiffener included,
no extra charge
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Gate System

Enforced with multi aluminum arms, the postless gates are
much atronger and more attractive; available for both full or
semi privacy at the price as low as $91. Click for detail

Fence in Package

Newly created boxed or bagged picket fences are ideal for everyone at as low
as $34.95 per section including post; all are fully fabricated and ready to install.

Our patented unique design is not just a regular tongue and groove,
but a special channel lock enforces the connection.

Our innovative "Lego" style system revolutionizes the assembling of vinyl fences. To put a full or semi privacy panel together is just as easy as 1-2-3 within a couple of minutes. Its unique lockable pickets make pre-assembling unnecessary before going to a job site, and thus avoids common scratching or damaging.

<Click and see how easy to assembly a panel






What we use
(Our patented
unique design)

What our competitors use

Our hand assembled PVC lattice is a must see item for those who appreciate fine details.

Our heavy duty
bottom rail (item #A2B)

Our decorative trim-cap ( item # A28) will
instantly upgrade your fence



Solar Caps for Fence Post

Solar New England Cap
Item Code: SC-NE5
for 5x5 " post
Item Code: SC-NE4
for 4x4 " post
Available cap colors
White, Tan, Grey, Wood
Solar Dome Cap
Item Code: SC-D5
for 5x5 " post
Item Code: SC-D4
for 4x4 " post
Available Cap Color: White
Standard Lighting Color::White
Item Code: SC-DC
Changeable Lighting Colors:
Solar Gothic Cap
Item Code: SC-G5
for 5x5 " post
Item Code: SC-G4
for 4x4 " post
Available Cap Color:
Standard Lighting Color::White
Item Code: SC-GC
Changeable Lighting Colors:
White/Green Or White/Blue

Patented in China, U.S. Patents Pending

* Powered by Multi-Crystalline solar photocell
* Super long life Ni-Cad rechargeable battery
* Ultra-bright LED system
* Up to 12 hours lighting at night
* Made of virgin PVC with a virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate lighting chimney
* Automatically On/Off
* Optional feature of lighting color changing by revolving the top of the cap 90° Degree


On January 19, 2005, our
wood grain vinyl fence G2
was presented at the FenceTech'05, New Orleans.

The wood grain vinyl
fence G2
using improved formula, has been tested by
an independent US lab.
(See the Tech Data Sheet.)
The product meets
ASTM standard.

All our profiles are mono extruded and
the wood grain is not just
appeal on the surface,
but throughout.
(See more Information)

Important storage and
installation guide


Established in 1995, our overseas manufacturer uses the complete automatic extrusion production lines from Germany and Austria and utilizes the most advanced dies, formulation and production technology. The full PVC product line includes fences, pipes, plates, doors and windows. The annual output capacity of the whole section of material is 20,000 tons. The products have been sold to all different countries.


We deliver to anywhere
in the US by container
for your convenience


We provide custom cutting,
notching and packaging

to save your labor cost!

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Tech Data Sheet
(PDF, 162k), Warrantee Document (PDF, 164k)

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