Wood grain vinyl fence is in dark color,  it absorbs much more heat  than the white. Unfortunately, there is no current technology that dissipates this heat buildup. In order to prevent problems on wood grain fence caused by the heat in summer time, properly installing is not only important, but a must.


1)      The best way: enforcement on 2 rails and the post
Both rails and post are enforced with metal stiffeners. That is, using two Structure’s A02 with H shape metal stiffeners and one A01 inserted with 5x5 stiffener.

2)      The better way: enforcement on 1 rail with post enforcement optional
Only the bottom rail and post are enforced with metal stiffeners while the top rail uses Structure’s A02-B, the strengthened rail. In another word, to use regular rail A02 at the bottom with H shape metal stiffener and A01 inserted with 5x5” metal stiffener. In some areas of
North America, post enforcement could be optional.

3)      Leave gaps for vinyl materials to expand
It is normal for vinyl materials to expand and contract during temperature changes. We should make sure all of our contractors know that is extremely important to allow for expansion and contraction during the installation process. If temperature of the time of installation is not within 30 degrees of maximum temperature seem for the area, an approximate 1/4” gap should be allowed between plank and post, an approximate 3/8” gap should be allowed between plank and top rail. These gaps are invisible since they are hiding inside of the U-channels and rail, but they will help to prevent fence panel from bowing by expanding of the planks in the hot days.

4)      For semi-privacy and ranch fence, etc.
Should apply the same installing method as mentioned above to all other styles fences.

5)      For NE 5x5 caps
Make sure applying adhesive on all four sides and corners to get best connection.